Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Global Leadership Summit - Chicago Review

From a former US Secretary of State to the two foremost world class business consultants, to leading edge pastors, the speakers at this year’s Global Leadership Summit are outstanding.

In his usual inspiring and down to earth way Bill Hybels challenges us make the most of the privilege that we have as leaders, and reminds us that there is no greater force on earth than the local church when it is working well.  Condoleezza Rice reflects on her story of humble beginnings to become a leading academic and then US secretary of State.  Jim Collins in new groundbreaking research shares the factors that have contributed to the long term success of great companies.  Patrick Lencioni draws on his experience to share of the vital place of organisational health.  Pastor Craig Groeschel exhorts us to create a culture of honour between generations, and Pastor John Ortberg reminds us of a leader’s influence as he unpacks the remarkable influence of Jesus as a leader.  The impact that a leader can have is demonstrated in the stories of Pranitha Timothy bringing hope to vulnerable women in India, and Geoffrey Canada an educational campaigner championing the cause of children in America’s poorest communities.

In powerful video cast presentations this year’s Summit presenters will inspire, encourage and equip you to grow in your leadership vision and capacity.  Join us at one of the 13 locations around the country and be ready to have your minds expanded and hearts engaged.   

For more reflections on the Summit, check out these posts of Chicago Day One and Chicago Day Two by Stu Cameron, Facilitator and Host Paster of the Gold Coast Summit Site.

Andrew McCafferty
CEO, Willow Creek Australia