Monday, January 24, 2011

God Will Speak to You!

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In 2011, God is going to speak to you.

He’s been speaking to his kids since the beginning of time. He loves you and He’d love to have a bigger place in your life. God would love to open doors for you that you think can’t be opened. He’d love to take you on adventures that you think your life can never be about. God would love to whisper to you about the poor, about race, about greed, or other things that wreck this world. Broken things in this world don’t get fixed unless someone receives a whisper from God, steps up, steps out on faith, and does something about it.

So God is going to be speaking to you this year. My question is will you hear it and heed it? You will never regret this! But it actually takes a decision! Will you take the risks to walk by faith and not by sight?

By: Bill Hybels (@BillHybels)
Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church