Monday, March 21, 2011

Global Leadership Summit Speakers Announced for 2011!

THE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT is a movement of sold-out, serious minded Christ-followers committed to bringing Christ’s transformative message of redemption and restoration to our broken world through the power of the local church.

The Summit faculty is intentionally diverse and designed to take you out of your comfort zone. When you stretch your learning bandwidth, we believe you allow God to grow you in ways never imagined. Presented via videocast, you’ll hear the best sessions from The Global Leadership Summit 2011 faculty. Click here for entire list of speakers

Founder and Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

Relentless learner. Driven to action. Deep, personal sacrifice. These characteristics have propelled Bill Hybels through 35 years of ministry. Single-minded in his passion for the local church, he issues hard-hitting truths that challenge people to take their organizations to the next level.
Hybels’ successes—and mistakes— bring high-definition clarity to the things truly worthy of your leadership time and investment.

Director, Centre for Public Christianity; Sr. Minister, St. Andrews Anglican Church

Are prestigious titles and powerful positions prerequisites for impactful leadership?
“You don’t need structural authority to be a leader of influence,” according to historian and social commentator John Dickson from Sydney, Australia. Dickson investigates the crucial role humility plays in a leader’s life – and its theological, historical, and practical implications. Learn how to navigate the complex intersection of leadership and humility, and how to lead through persuasion, example, and influence rather than positional authority.
Founder and CEO,; Former Chancellor, D.C. Public Schools

Sooner or later, every leader must lead change. Often, the toughest leadership challenges come from trying to change a church or institution from within. For the past 18 years, Michelle Rhee has stayed the course with a single objective: to give children the needed skills to compete in a changing world. Today, Rhee is CEO of StudentsFirst, a movement to transform public education. Learn from Rhee’s experiences as a change agent unafraid to challenge the status quo because of her vision for a better day ahead.

Clinical Psychologist; Bestselling Author; Leadership Consultant

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to managing the human side of an organization. People come in different personality types, some requiring a specific leadership approach. If you don’t know how to deal differently with different kinds of people – especially the difficult ones – they can derail your entire vision. Drawing on the wisdom of 20 years of coaching top business and church leaders, Dr. Cloud presents concepts that can expand your capacity for accurately assessing and managing each person on your team.