Friday, July 1, 2011

What Are We Making?

George’s car pulled into the large car park of the factory and found a nice space just close enough to the front entrance of the imposing building. As he stepped out of the car, he craned his neck to the sky in an attempt to take in the awesome sight. Marco had really done well for himself, George thought as his eyes swept over the expansive glass windows and rich red brick walls of his friend’s factory. Really well.

The short stroll to the entrance was made pleasant by the sweetly scented garden beds that lined the path, winding its way towards the grand atrium. The glass doors silently parted to allow George through, and he caught his breath as he entered a mesmerizing mix of tall glass walls, fine art, and exotic plants.

“George!” He spun to find Marco striding towards him in a pinstripe suite and shiny leather shoes. “Welcome. Come, you’ve got to see this place!”

Marco turned to two large oak doors that automatically swung open as he approached, and taking the hint, George set off after him. They entered a vast, enormous room lined with high glass windows and row upon row of conveyor belts and more flashing lights than Las Vegas.

“This is where the magic happens George. Everything is state of the art. The latest in technology. No expense spared.” Marco marched along the rows of conveyor belts, pointing to complex looking drilling machines and futuristic robotic arms.

“Through here is our conference room,” Marco said proudly as he strode into a large, oval room, dark from the lack of windows, but cozy from the subtle warm lighting and rich wood panels lining the walls. “As you can see George, what better place to be when making all the important decisions?”

The tour continued throughout the entire factory, no room was spared. With each room, George was informed of every possible usage, technological advantage, and level of comfort.

George was relieved to find that the next door they entered lead them back into the entrance atrium.

“Well, George, what do you think? Pretty amazing isn’t it?” George looked around the impressive room, quietly taking everything in. “Lost for words hey?” Marco smiled. “Sometimes I find myself awestruck by the place as well.”

George finally turned to Marco, a look of slight confusion on his face. “It’s incredible Marco,” George said. “But what are you making?”

What has the Church been commissioned to make? Grand buildings? Renowned programs? Great preachers? Impressive music? While these are all perfectly acceptable products of our endeavors, they are not the primary purpose of the Church.  

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations Matthew 28:19. The Church has been charged with the job of making disciples. Anything more than that is a luxury. Anything less than that is a failure.

The latest trends, techniques, technology, programs, comforts, and courses are all pointless and fruitless if the end result is not a disciple. A church that fails to make disciples is like the latest and greatest factory that makes nothing.

Creative Director
Bill Newman Ministries

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  1. Great post!! I really resonate with the message of this Blog post. All too often we, as Christians, get lost in the glitz and highly tuned productions we put on in the place we call 'church'. But the focus should always point to Christ and what we are becoming.


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