Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Global Leadership Summit – Chicago Review

I have been to a Willow Creek Leadership Conference in Chicago once before, and have attended most of the Global Leadership Summits, via delayed broadcast in Australia, but this is the best I have ever experienced.

To be in Chicago, with a significant group of people from The Salvation Army in Australia was valuable in many ways. This experience built team, gave people the opportunity that they had never experienced before, lifted their sights, and helped the whole team to dream of what might be because of this experience.

Every speaker provided a highlight...

Bill Hybels shared about the challenge levels for leaders. We work best when we are just above the appropriately challenged level, not dangerously challenged or under challenged. We need creative environments that lead to great solutions. He asked us if our leadership bell had been rung lately!

Cory Booker reminded us of a quote from Abraham Lincoln, "You were born an individual, but most die copies". We can change the world. Do something!

None of us with forget Steven Furtick speaking to us about audacious faith and the story of Elisha in 2 Kings 3:9-20. We need to start digging our ditches, whatever they might be, believing that God will fill them.

Tough callings both moved and challenged every one of us. Mama Maggie, Wes Stafford from Compassion, and Bill Hybels speaking about Jeremiah has impacted us forever. Our world is broken. There are hard callings. We are often torn between the calling and the ache for success. What will we do?

Henry Cloud spoke of "necessary endings" and gave very practical ways to deal with different kinds of people in our organisations. We can't deal with every person we lead the same. We need to work out who we are talking to and deal with them appropriately.

John Dickson taught us that humility is common sense, beautiful, generative, persuasive and inspiring. A brief moment of humility from our heroes can inspire us to be just like them!

From Patrick Lencioni we learned about being vulnerable, and the different fears that
keep us from it... rejection, embarrassment and feeling inferior.

And Erwin McManus challenged us to see ourselves as cultivators of human talent. We are a mosaic... broken people brought together by the artist who breaks through in us.

Challenging! Moving! Inspiring!

There is nothing quite like this conference! What a mixture! What an experience!

We have come away inspired, challenged and ready for what God has for us.

Lt. Colonel Miriam Gluyas
Secretary for Program
Australia Eastern Territory
The Salvation Army

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