Friday, April 13, 2012

April Webcast: Charles Jenkins

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In this webcast, Charles Jenkins, senior pastor role at the historic Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, talks with Jim Mellado about thriving in change. You can read more on the topic in Pastor Jenkins’ book Thriving in Change.

Here are a few of our notes to get you thinking!
    “There is applied change and basic change – basic change is just change for change’s sake. Applied change is change with a needed necessary end result.”
    “I knew I needed to start at the concept…what’s the destination? I couldn’t get people there if the destination wasn’t clear.”
    “Honor people with one-on-one conversations. It’s critical to help resistant people process the changes. The goal with early adopters is to create advocates, but with the resisters your goal is to help them find neutrality.”
    “When it comes to change, often leaders make change to problems only they see. You’ve got to make everybody see the problem so they know why the change is necessary.”
    “For a senior leader, it’s like Shakespeare. Play your part and then exit the stage. For a successor, be comfortable in your own skin – David can’t wear Saul’s armor.”

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