Monday, December 3, 2012

Making Things New

As we head towards the Christmas season we once again reflect on the significance of God the Father sending his son, our saviour Jesus, into his created world to redeem those whom he created.  This morning I was reading that classic chapter in Romans 8 where Paul expresses that we are made free and alive in Christ through the sacrifice of Jesus.  He came to make us new.  We pray at Willow that through this Christmas season you will experience what it means to be a new creation, saved by the love, grace and mercy of our God.

I also want to share about some new things happenings at Willow.  After some great years sharing space at Gateway Baptist Church, they are looking to expand their ministry and we are moving on to a new location.  We are in the final stages of making these arrangements and will share with you details of our new location and new contact phone numbers in the near future.  You may also experience some new people when you do contact us.  After 6 years of service two of the longest serving members of the Willow team will not be with us from 2013.  A few months ago Chris, our Resource and Membership Manager finished up with Willow and at the end of this year Megan, our Marketing and Communications Manager will be transitioning into a new career as a secondary school teacher.  I want to acknowledge the contribution of Chris and Megan and wish them God’s blessings in their respective futures.  I want to welcome Brad Suosaari, a former colleague of mine from SU Qld, as a new member to the team, and ask you to pray as we seek the services of a new Administrative Assistant.

God’s blessing to you over the Christmas season, and we pray that you will have a relaxing summer to recharge yourself for service to God in 2013.

Andrew McCafferty
CEO Willow Creek Australia

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