Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Experience at the Summit - Alan Vink

After 8 years to be at ‘Willow’ once again was a highlight in and in itself. It’s a church that has blessed me, helped me a great deal in my leadership, as it has done for thousands of others around the world.

I was looking forward to this year’s Leadership Summit with great anticipation to be there in person and experience the whole 2010 event first hand. I was certainly not disappointed.

Bill Hybels opened with another ‘trademark’ talk, reminding us of some fundamentals of leadership, “From Here To There!” He reminded us how easy it is to find yourself in a leadership slump facing what seem insurmountable challenges. He gives wisdom and direction for leaders to keep the church/organization moving forward.

Then, Jim Collins spoke on “Never, Ever Give up!” He referenced his book “How the Mighty Fall.” So insightful in exploring the stages of decline of organisations. This talk alone is worth the conference fee. There were so many more highlights from great speakers like Christine Caine, Andy Stanley, Jeff Manion, Adam Hamilton, Daniel Pink and Jack Welch.

All of these talks/interviews and others will be shown at all sites in New Zealand. You won’t want to miss this. I am absolutely convinced that the GLS is a world-class event like no other, and would cost literally thousands of dollars in the secular context.

As I see it, there are distinct benefits in you bringing your team:

  • It’s a dedicated time where you as a pastor get to spend some quality time with your key players.
  • It’s an investment in your key people most of whom are volunteers, of course.
  • It’s an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve heard and have a conversation about the issues that really matter to you
  • It’s a way of saying thank you, but also putting some new skills (and inspiration) into their heads and hearts, that will be a blessing to them, to your church, and to their lives generally. To come alone you get enriched, to come as a team and the impact is exponential.

So why not make a decision today, to come to a site near you. You will be glad you did!

Alan Vink
Alan is the Co-ordinator for the Executive Leadership programme at Vision College and consults in Organisational Development.

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