Monday, September 20, 2010

The Prodigal God Curriculum Review

We have recently run the series ‘The Prodigal God’ through our Life Groups at church. The series has brought a fresh perspective on the popular parable most commonly known as “The Prodigal Son.”

We often think that this story is primarily about the younger son, but Pastor Tim Keller expounds the text in a way that reveals to us that this is a story of two lost sons and not just one, two sons that sought happiness and fulfillment in two very different ways. The younger son sought the road of self discovery and the elder son sought the road of moral conformity and tragically for both sons they found themselves at a relational distance from their father.    

The Prodigal God series demonstrates the heart of the Gospel message. Whether one has sought the road of self discovery or moral conformity, only God can provide the way back for people through Jesus Christ. Pastor Keller also show us that, like the elder brother, how often we try and win God’s approval by trying to live self righteously and basing our relationship with God on our performance, when in fact we are only righteous on the basis of our relationship with Christ.

This series is strongly biblically based, giving the participant some rich insight into Ancient Near Eastern culture that surrounds the parable, which ultimately adds to the significance of the story that Jesus told.   

I thoroughly recommend the ‘Prodigal God’ series as a means for people to deepen their understanding of the enormity of God’s love for them and to discover afresh that Jesus Christ is the true source of our identity.

Pastor Anthony Townsend
Victoria, Australia

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