Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take Advantage of the Summit

A discipline I practice as a leader is to replenish my soul and mind on a regular basis. Leadership is all about giving out and so I must refill the leadership tank in order to continue to lead with effectiveness. However, in certain situations this creates a challenge. If I read a great book, I can pass it on or if I listen to a life changing podcast, I can forward the link. The key action is to share that leadership growth moment with others on my team so we all grow together.

Which brings me to this year’s Global Leadership Summit. I attended with a team from Willow Creek Association New Zealand. Our purpose for travelling to Chicago was to work with the Willow team to select the best of the best for the 2010 Global Leadership Summit in New Zealand.

There is pure leadership gold in the Summit this year! The challenge from Jim Collins to be brutally honest about the internal health of your church, the practicality of Andy Stanley helping us to embrace those uncomfortable tensions in the church and actually see them as a gift. Seasoned church leaders uncover the darker side of ministry, sharing what they have learned in those moments. There were defining moments of deep reflection and touches of divine inspiration from speakers who filled my leadership tank and sparked numerous thoughts as to how I can serve with greater effectiveness and impact in my own ministry.

Which leads me back to my challenge, which in this case is no challenge at all. A conference where I am the only one to “get it” is a wasted opportunity. Like you, I can’t effectively lead a church, by myself. I need the people on my team to also “get it.” As I sat in Chicago I celebrated that I would be able to share this in a focused setting at a New Zealand GLS site with my team. Sharing the same teaching, being able to respond with my team and explore the issues raised in each session. This makes it a truly great leadership experience.

So, take advantage of the Summit. Get your team there. Prepare before hand by highlighting key issues you want your team to deal with and then watch the Spirit of God work through the Summit to inspire and unite your team around a God sized vision for the future.

Ps Nick Field,
Senior Pastor, The Street City Church (Wellington, NZ)

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